8 Sep 2016

Care Assist Newsletter June 2016


Hi there,

It’s been a while since I have communicated with you all, but a lot of exciting things have been happening.

Firstly, I would like to welcome all our new staff and say a big thank you to all our staff for your hard work, commitment and loyalty. We have lost a few people as well and wish them every success in their new endeavours.

Sophia Phills


Our commitment to you!
April 2016


In line with our Organisational Commitment to you, all full-time staff who have been in post a year would have received a 2% salary increase to reflect our appreciation of your hard work.

Hillingdon Supported Living Scheme

Our new site, Hillingdon, has been up and running for a year now!


The Hillingdon Service is the largest and newest branch from Care Assist. The service consists of 16 flats and is located in a diverse rural community. Hillingdon Service has both male and female residents that have come from cross borough councils.

Each resident started their journey with various challenges that with the support of staff have been able to achieve success in their own right. Our team approach is “We don’t give up on The People We Support” and we challenge ourselves to always empower, motivate and be positive about the challenges our residents may face. Our aim is to support them so that they can develop skills to live independently. We support them to attend college course, find paid and voluntary employment.

Throughout this journey I have seen the changes in the residents:

  • People are more independent

  • People are more confident

  • People are more assertive

  • People are happy

I feel the team we currently have are settled and have developed a fantastic arrange of skill and knowledge. I feel very privileged to have been part of setting up this newest venture and to have witnessed the journey both residents and the service have travelled.

Lorraine Bain

Chartley Avenue a year on!


17 Chartley Avenue officially opened in February 2015 and is one of the newest services in Care Assist. The service was commissioned by Brent, who also provided the premises. It’s the first service Care Assist have had in Brent. The house is situated in Neasden near to the shopping parade and close to public transport. It is a supported living service for six people which is unique as it’s a service for males supported by an all-male team. The team consists of three support workers and one Additional Responsibility position. 

Brent commissioned Care Assist to support the people to move on within 18 months to 2 years. Since Feb 2015 one of the original people has moved back in with their parent but the other 5 are getting ready to move on and are working on their move on plans. We have recently filled the vacancy and are back up to 6 people in the house.

It’s been a long and interesting journey for both staff and residents and progress has been slow but sure. The staff team at Chartley have worked in partnership with Brent and have got glowing reports from visits by Brent Commissionaires. Brent are impressed with the way the team work and can see the progress that the people we support have made. They like our person centered approach and our paper work, especially the support and risk plans.The service reports to Brent on a monthly basis on the outcomes for the people who are receiving the support. The service is monitored very closely and has just achieved a GOOD in their recent CQC inspection.

It has been very exciting for me to oversee this service and to work with the team in such a diverse and vibrant borough as Brent.


Teresa Neal

Gareth, Mark, Chris and Blandel enjoying a cup of coffee on a team outing
Our Masterchef                                
Chris looking smart

So what's been going on?

Some good news from our homes and our recent photos...

Kings Road

During the past month at Kings Road, one of our residents spent a week at their family home. This is good progress due to the fact that this resident lost contact with their family for a long time. Now they are in regular contact via phone calls and has visits from them at the service.

Houriyeh showing off her perfect manicure
Kings Road staff and residents: Corina, Houriyeh, Ade and Anita

Lynton Road

We've had a new client move into the service and she is doing very well. She has a busy schedule and has several activities that she does throughout the week, such as going to gym and dance classes. She also does voluntary work and likes helping others in need. She spends a considerable amount of time doing yoga and meditation and is very health conscious. Her key worker, Monica, says working with her has been an absolute pleasure. All staff are very impressed to see her fit as well and she gets on well with all the other clients. We hope she can inspire our other residents to engage in some of the amazing activities she does. We are determined to see all our clients move on and achieve their goals. This is a great beginning for our new client and we are very excited to see what the future holds for her and all of our other clients. 

Welcome to Lynton Road house, Sheenal!

Whitehall Road

Our resident, Ramon, went home for the weekend (first time in three years) 07-09/05/16. He experienced a mini family reunion on Sunday.

Our lovely ladies at Whitehall Road: Rhonda, Luisa and Claire

Park Drive

Our resident Ann-Marie got on her first train in over 6 years. She took a trip to Heathrow train station. Was very happy with her success and is looking forward to many more successful trips.

Ann-Marie enjoyed her trip to Heathrow
Lovely Yasmeena with our resident Grace in her favourite jumper
Park Drive adorable resident – Pandora

Hamilton Road

David, one of our residents has always been interested in Photography. The staff supported him to find a course nearby in Ealing and he now attends his classes independently without staff support. David eventually wants to be a cameraman for the BBC.

Our plans for the future

I would like to share with you that our aim is to develop good quality support services, where people can grow and lead the lives they want. In order to do that we have to have a plan which is listed below:

Building commission relationships through social engagement

At Care Assist Ltd we aim to deliver cost effective care packages in London and the surrounding counties by providing Person Centered Care & Support to Adult, at a cost which commissioners can afford.


Our 5-year plan is to:

  1. To further develop its UK, England and local profiles.

  2. To keep under review the services provided to ensure they are meeting individual’s needs and continue its focus on high quality provision.

  3. To continue to modernise and develop the organisations existing residential services in partnership with Local Authorities retaining some as specialised residential services and developing others into Supported Living services.

  4. To develop new and improved ways of supporting individuals with varying abilities across the Mental Health spectrum.

  5. Working in partnership with people with Mental Health to become market leaders in the provision of Self Directed Support services.

  6. To develop the organisation and expand the support we provide to people with Mental Health by developing services primarily in and around the areas in which we currently operate.

  7. To increase the number of people we support by 10% a year.

  8. To increase turnover by 8% a year.

  9. To establish new Partnerships in England in key areas such as Housing, Advocacy & Support Services.

To support this Care Assist will:

  1. Maintain their Values & Standards

  2. Work alongside the people we support and those who work for us

  3. Work more effectively with people with Mental Health, their representatives and their families and relatives

  4. Work in Person Centered Ways

  5. Maintain, develop and enhance the overall quality of the lives of the people we support

  6. Develop and improve how we work

  7. Create a culture of continuous improvement

  8. Respond quickly to new opportunities

  9. Ensure through comprehensive training programmes and support processes that all employees are continuously developed and have the necessary skills to fulfil their roles.

  10. Ensure that the organisational structures in place are effective and adapt to meet changing requirements

  11. Prioritise development areas such as Funding Streams, Overheads Review, Tendering & Contract Management

  12. Work alongside other organisations to develop our overall skills and knowledge.



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